If you are fortunate
Enough to make
An impression
On her,
You might realise
That she
Is not as well put together
As you first thought.

This is a woman
Who might redefine
Your idea of

For that may be
All that she has.
It belies the sort of
She has for life.

Nothing but
The best
Life has to offer.
And she has the discernment
To fully appreciate them.

And if you are a man,
This is why you cannot
Get her out of your

Here is
Quite possibly
The finest
Of what the fairer sex
Has to offer.

For she embodies
So perfectly
In her little quirks,
Her habits,
Her standards
What it means
To be an expression
Of life itself.



That would be the first thing
She tells you.

This is where
She calls her second home.

And then, if you are lucky.
Or good.
She might tell you about
Her life.
Her romances.
All the men
Who professed their love for her.

But you might wonder
Why is she telling you
Things that surely
Took a toll on her.

But you won’t care.
For you would know
That she is merely expressing
Her view
Her thirst
Her enthusiasm
For life.

Much like how her eyes
Betray her nature.
The way they dart
This way and that
Behind her bangs
Like the savannah
That hides
The majestic gazelle.

And then you know
Why all those men
In her stories
Were helpless
In their captivity.

For there is only
One word
That can fully
Describe the soul
That lives behind
These eyes.