Desire is Pain

What is the meaning of anything? Do we really need to add meanings to everything?

The Buddha was right. Suffering only comes when you have unmet wants and needs. Attachment is willingly attaching chains with hooks to ourselves, allowing an external force to take us hostage.

So unhinged now, it’s not funny. And all over mere possibility.

The question then becomes: Would you still be vulnerable in the future? Would you dare?

If not, how would the hole ever be filled? If yes, would you risk self-torture?

Path of least resistance, or hard mode? Or hardcore mode?

I don’t think the sum of all fears is nuclear annihilation. At least with that, all you get is oblivion.

The sum of all fears is ending up like Will and Lyra.

Now that would suck.


Published by

Hankit Mok

I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

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