The Proposition

“So, do you like any girl here? I’m a pretty good wingwoman, you know,” she said with that posh accent. ” Is there any girl you’d like to hook up with?”

Blood pounded in my ears. I grinned, “Yeah, well, have you ever succeeded in making someone hook up with… You?”

“ME? I, well, I, uh, no! I am going hiking tomorrow,” The fluster on her face was priceless.

“Well, do you have any plans for later?” I added, not uncertainly. The grin vanishing as I put on my best game face.

“Um, no, but I do have plans tomorrow…” The alcoholic haze probably left as well.

But suddenly, “Ah! Hey, you…” And some dude comes in and gives her a hug and they left even more suddenly.

The grin suddenly came back and it stuck around for a long time. Looks like someone couldn’t handle the heat.


Published by

Hankit Mok

I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

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