On Brainwashing

An acquaintance of mine brought up AsiaWorks training recently and it got me to remembering the tale of a friend of a friend who got into it once. So apparently he changed into this really cheerful version of himself who tried to get the people around him to join this training.

Now, being deathly afraid of losing my own identity (Yes, even more than death itself), being “brainwashed” into a ever smiling Stepford version of myself is quite horrifying (and for all the wrong reasons, I dare say, arousing).  But, looking back at who I was before, I think that reality seems more preferable to being some sort of dour arse who thinks being negative about everything is the sane thing to do.

But what people do not realise that we are being brainwashed regardless of what we do. It doesn’t matter what you get yourself into, whether joining a new company or social circle, the existing social order will attempt to brainwash you into accepting their values. So, the question isn’t so much how to avoid brainwashing (Be a hermit), but what sort of values would you like to be brainwashed with?

Since we know that not all associations are made equal in that some are more useful than most for your own purposes, knowing what you’d need goes a long way in answering that question.


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Hankit Mok

I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

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