The Dangers of Thinking About Things that We Cannot Influence

First, an entertaining documentary:

The One Percent

This documentary raises the disparity of wealth in the US. It’s made by Jamie Johnson, one heirs to the Johnson and Johnson fortune. Apparently, he’s had some concerns about his fortune and how a disproportionate few control a large portion of the nation’s wealth. Predictably, he ran into issues with his own family and so did at least one other person featured in his documentary, the identity of whom would likely surprise you as I was.

It is pretty well made and I’d have to say that it even made me ponder my own decidedly laissez faire attitudes. Even this article started out with a more socialist slant.

And then I remembered that I don’t particularly want wadloads of cash and that the best way to lift people out of poverty is education on how to bootstrap themselves, not by messing around with tax laws and handouts. And more importantly, I haven’t even achieved success on my own terms and is barely staying afloat myself.

Herein lies the danger of taking into account of things too far removed from our sphere of influence. They tend to distract us from what needs to be done right now.


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