Death Spiral… Averted?

So, it turns out that people will be people. No matter how good I think I am, I am still a fucking scared little kid inside. It doesn’t matter how I came into this pattern of lashing out at people close to me. Because it seems so easy to just take aim at the people who are supposed to help me, but couldn’t because they aren’t equipped to do it.

At some point, what’s said is said and I wonder if they would bring more benefit than it costs.

On the other hand, I could take it as market validation. Now to bring my skills in eliciting some other more beneficial emotions.

This latest episode does bring me more insight as to why people say hurtful things. I can only hope I grow enough to see the signs and take the appropriate action when the time comes.

Well, at least I know why candor works and why it doesn’t. Also, one must be careful, lest candor be used as an excuse to cause casualties deliberately.


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Hankit Mok

I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

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