I Have No Voice and I Want to Rage


Sorry for being a fucking typical impatient Gen Y ass. You probably know what this is about by now, so please stop reading if you would be offended by the content or the complete waste of time this will become.


Recently, I found that I cannot handle people in positions of authority who do not have the gumption or the political will to change fundamental things in his power for the sake of advancement. Even now, I know this is just a knee jerk reaction to someone differing with my opinions and suggestions because he’s being the good employee and is following protocol.

Protocol. How I hate that word. The worst crimes in humanity were committed in the name of “protocol”. For the sake of stability and the preservation of the old world order, prevent new initiatives from starting just because it has the potential of pissing someone off.

Propriety. Another fucking word I hate so much. What the fuck is proper? What is at stake here? If no primary values are violated, are we supposed to tiptoe around people? Why?

Sigh… So many NLP rules I have ignored here. I learnt yesterday that we should not resist people. Flow with them, so to speak.

The question then becomes how much do I care about the organisation?

The problem is that after writing up a training module designed to get people emotionally invested in the organisation, I can’t help but care a little too much.

Abusive relationships! Gotta love them.


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Hankit Mok

I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

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