The Nature of a Man

What can change the nature of a man?
– Ravel

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If you want to go a little more meta, the question should be: What can change the nature of a game? This is the sort of game that is like a good book: A little slow to get into, impossible to stop halfway, and life changing once you are done with it.

It breaks (nearly) every institution of a traditional single player computer RPG:
– Dying doesn’t result in game over. Sometimes it’s needed to move forward.
– Talking is more powerful than fighting
– You influence your party members in more than just combat skills
– A smart talking floating skull is your best tank
– A succubus is the nicest, most upstanding member in your party
– Your nemesis only wants you to leave him the f*** alone
– You can learn spells by burning your own internal organs
– You make your own spellbook out of super-starched cloth for pages and organic barbwire for the frame
– Levelling up is merely remembering what you were capable of
– An abandoned alley gives birth
– One of the best weapons in the game is the broken talon of a night hag
– Raiding your own tomb!
– Rats that cast Chain Lightning
– Convincing the last boss to give up

There are more, of course. And there is that question:

“What can change the nature of a man?”

You could probably tell by now it is a trick question. You should probably play the game and find out your answer.


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