Most Effective Way to Annoy People

So, my business associates and I decided to throw a homebrew (Yes, we are simultaneously cost conscious [haha] and awesome like that) poolside karaoke party yesterday. The party got off to a slow start when we had to source for 3.5mm audio cables and had a blast yakking over dinner and by the time we started with the singing proper, it was past 10pm.

And we were just done with a particularly rousing rendition of Backstreet Boys’ I Want it That Way at around 1015pm when we were (barely) politely stopped by some middle aged dude with a t-shirt that had a cute saying. He told us (In a voice dripping with crank) that according to the rules around here, we should have shut down by 10pm and we were disturbing people from sleeping.

However, we did call the management a few days ago and they told us to pack up by 11pm. And he had a point: Somewhere in that vast apartment complex, there were probably about five other guys who needed to sleep at 10pm (y’know, so that they could wake up on Monday morning fresh and ready for work!).

And I even know where he’s coming from. I found myself annoyed at people (joyously) singing songs by 90s boybands in the past. But it got me to thinking.

What if instead of getting cranky at people having illegal amounts of fun, you asked to join in instead?

What if instead of trying to be the obstacle to someone’s fun in the office when he laughs too hard from a joke he read online, you say instead “What’s so goddamned funny? I want in too!”

Why is it that nothing annoys us more than the joy of a stranger (and oftentimes even people close to us)?

Did we all turn into soul sucking vampire grinches?


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Hankit Mok

I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

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