3 Ways to Maximise EDH

EDH is the mostest wonderfullest format in Magic. Except when it’s too easy for you to win.

You see, EDH unlike most other popular formats in Magic started because people realised that buying Magic boosters will yield a lot of extra rares that are singletons in their collection (And are thus mostly unusable in regular formats) and they decided to throw them all into a deck and called the whole format Elder Dragon Highlander after the cycle of Elder Dragon Legends in the Legends set.

Regular EDH play is:
– >2 players
– everyone has 40 life

As such, the whole point of EDH is probably not to:

– win on the third turn via infinite combo
– grief the other players by crippling them and win using a really small creature
– deny resources either by nuking lands or discarding their entire hand of cards

Legit tactics, of course. But like with most people who play D&D and similar system driven RPGs, the whole point is not to “win” in the traditional sense. You don’t get points for winning (Getting into an EDH tournament is your own damned fault) and how you win is certainly more important than you actually winning.

You see, when the whole idea is to have fun, you really don’t want to make everyone shuffle a 99 card deck after playing for four turns. I mean, what’s the point? It’s like the guy who sneaks into his party’s backpacks and steals their shit. Great, you had fun. But at what cost? At what cost?

So, before you get into a situation where everyone on the table rolls their eyes whenever you cast that spell, here are some pointers you might want to consider adopting when building your own EDH deck:

1) NO Infinite combos!
’nuff said. Well actually, the long version is that it means that the only way to block these combos from instantly ending the game is to have a counterspell or that one card that stops the whole thing at the correct time. What would you rather do? Spend that card slot to make your deck more awesome or spend that slot on a card that hoses a specific strategy on the off chance that the person randomly draws that one silly card?

2) NO douchey resource denial.
Green and red decks, I am looking at you. Vorinclex, Blood Moon, Armageddon, Numot the Devastator, and the Strip Mine/Wasteland and Crucible of Worlds combo are some of the more egregious examples. Yes, they all have something to do with land denial. You can take out the mana rocks. You can take out the mana mooks. But lands shouldn’t be prevented from doing their thing. Because nothing’s more unfun than drawing and discarding due to having 8 cards in your hand. Actually, there is. It’s the faint hope of drawing a land during the draw phase for the nth turn.

3) Make sure your turns finish ASAP
Did you know that they banned Second Sunrise in Modern because it took too long for that guy to finish all his actions? Did you also know that Sensei’s Divining Top is banned in French EDH circles for the same reason?

Well, just in case you are wondering, having a fun deck is a huge advantage. You see, EDH isn’t standard and people usually don’t have to guess what your deck has after the first time (unless it’s sufficiently random) so what happens when you play Blood Moon that one time? Do you think they will conveniently forget that you have it?

You see, if there’s anything you should get out of reading this is that you should realise that people usually target and kill all the unfun and overpowered decks first.


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Hankit Mok

I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

6 thoughts on “3 Ways to Maximise EDH”

      1. That new guy, Rurik Thar is pretty good, but douchey. He’s also pretty dangerous once M14 rules come in should everyone on the table make a copy of him.

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